Published Fiction (Print): 


           Tin Foil Hat from People of Few Words Vol. 3

           Illogical Traffic Patterns from Psychopomp Vol. 5 (Kindle)

           Published Fiction (Online):


           Tin Foil Hat, from The Short Humour Site  

           For Casleton from Six Sentences

           Cookie Jar from The Short Humour Site                                                   
           Venus Returns to the Sea from Flashes in the Dark

           Chinese Toilet Paper from The Short Humour Site   

           Collegiate Delusions of Intelligence from Linguistic Erosion

           Tunneling Into Infinity from Schlock Magazine

           The Flute, Not Played with Factory Recommended Techniques from Weirdyear

           A Little Too Smart Phone from Fast Forward Festival

           Tendrils of Empire from Static Movement 

           Wit Thee Well from Fast Forward Festival

            Published Non Fiction:

            Ten Greatest American Short Story Writers from the Listverse

            Ten Enormous Numbers from the Listsverse


           Free Unpublished Works:


            Xolomagne (Intro & First Chapter)

            Ghost is my Copilot (Short Story)