I have been teaching myself how to write music since the Summer of 2011. This is due in large part to a very close friend of mine, Alexander Bornstein, I encourage you to look into his work.


I have posted here most of the compositions I have written. The few omissions are works that are in the process of being rewritten like Quartet No. 1, or are not wholly original works like “Christmas Suite 2011 for Piano.” I apologies in advance for the use of Midi’s unfortunately at the moment I only have a limited amount of space available on the website, you can get a good idea of what the song sounds like but the MP3’s are a much closer approximation, especially with the String Quartet’s because the midi file will not render the Pizzicato and Tremolo which are featured frequently in those works. One more warning, most people should probably avoid anything that has the word “Atonal” in it’s description, to most people they would sound scary or weird and not enjoyable, so I wouldn't click on those pieces first. 


Selected Pieces: 


Voice of the Unknown Universe (Atonal)

Score Midi

Quartet No. 2 in C Major "Peachy's Music Box"

Score Midi

Piano Suite No, 2 "A Little Suite for February, 2012" (Atonal)


Score Midi


Piano Concerto No. 1 in G Major

Score Midi

Concerto for Two Vibraphones

Score Midi


Links to other Important People


Sam Serinsky 

Derek Slifer of Leaving Midnight

Jeff McAllister of Hall of Lost